Coaches, can we talk honestly for a minute?  You have set up a business surrounding education, empowerment, and encouragement for your clients and you offer a valuable service. While you are focused on taking care of your clients, who is taking care of you and your business?  

We get it, contracts can get a bad rap as somehow being adversarial.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  So let’s bust that myth now: a clear and concise agreements sets the tone, expectation, and the professional relationship boundaries in a positive way demonstrating that you care about the coaching relationship. 

Since professional coaching has a wide range of objectives, tools and means of achieving goals, your agreement should also reflect those tools and means of achieving goals.

Your agreement also plays an important role in educating the client about what coaching is (and is not) and what they can expect from the coaching process. 

Essentially, a coaching agreement is positive and organized way to delineate your services.  Clarity in the professional relationship allows your true focus to be where it should be – on the client.  And your client will appreciate that.

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