What Is Business Legal?

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What Is Business Legal?

When it comes to my annual medical check-up, sometimes I accidentally forget to get it for like 5 years.  Then 5 years go by, and all of a sudden, I have high cholesterol, a thyroid problem, and all sorts of other things you are not at all interested in hearing about. “But I never had any of this before!” I exclaim in utter disbelief. “I am young and invincible!” But my doctor reminds me that might not totally be the case. “Well, you are 5 years older.” Um excuse me? And here is the kicker: “You know,” she says, “this could have been preventable.” Preventable? 

So what does any of this have to do with business legal?  Well, just like an annual medical checkup, you need to continually assess the legal health of your business. What you do not want to do is wait until something goes wrong with your business or a client, forcing you to hire an attorney. You want to prevent things from going wrong, and, more importantly, develop a healthy relationship with both your business and your client.  

Business legal is not adversarial. It is not scary. It is actually a positive way to establish integrity, professionalism, and structure to your business. A clear-cut Client Agreement shows your clients that you care about the relationship and you want to establish a concrete relationship with your client with little room for miscommunications and unmet expectations. Your Confidentiality Provision demonstrates that you take your Client’s confidences seriously and establishes trust. Your Liability Waiver lets your client know that they are responsible for their own actions. And the list goes on and on.

Business legal need not be complicated. Business legal is straightforward but necessary. Business legal keeps your business healthy and prevents problems. 

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