Your website can be your first impression for a new client.  It can also be a useful tool for your existing clients.  You need clear Terms of Use to create the boundaries of what visitors and users can and cannot do while visiting or using your site, and you need to protect yourself from any liability that might arise if there are problems when these visitors or users interact with your website.  Whether you just use your website as a way to announce yourself to the world, or as one of the many tools you use in your practice – these Terms of Use will have you covered.  Giving you peace of mind to focus your energy where it belongs – on growing your business and helping your clients succeed.



  • Establishes acceptable conduct and prohibited actions of users/visitors
  • Allows Coach to terminate anyone’s access to site at any time, for any reason
  • Clearly states Coach’s intellectual property rights in the content of the website
  • Disclaims any warranties (promises) as to availability and functionality of the site itself and to the results of the use by visitors/user of any products or services offered through the website
  • Limits any liability Coach may have for claims or losses of visitors or users of the website, or products or services marketed and/or sold through the website

This template is suitable for any coach, regardless of area of coaching, and can be used whether your website simply functions as a digital brochure, or has a variety of functionality such as online scheduling, payment processing, user accounts, chat forums, down-loadable content, or more.

  • 7 page, fully customizable template
  • Welcome Video
  • 4 videos explaining the legal terms; guiding you through the customization; and, telling you what steps to finalize and put your document to use
  • Downloadable full written instructions guiding you through the customization, and putting your document to use

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01. Choose Confidently

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02. Get In The Know

Learn about and understand your templates:

  • We want to make sure that you not only get to customize your templates your way, but that you also understand what your template means.
  • Our easy-to-understand explanations of each section of your template is available to you in both video format and written format. 
  • No complicated legalese when we explain your templates, so you will be empowered to explain your own template to your client.

03. Prepare Efficiently

Like a great recipe, gather the right ingredients for your template:

  • There is no guess work on what you might need when filling out your template, as we tell you exactly what you will need in both video format and in written instructions.
  • Just as we would not make a cake without a recipe, you do not want to customize your template without the key ingredients.

04. Customize Uniquely

This is legal your way, on your schedule:

  • When you customize your templates, you will get to follow the steps at your own pace.
  • Videos and full written instructions are provided to guide you step by step – you decide what method works best for you.
  • Our signature colors will alert you when you need to fill in certain information or customize the language with the options provided.
  • There is no guesswork on what you need to do, and you can do this all on your own time!

05. Take Action

Finalize your templates and put them into action.

  • You have a completed document and guidance on how best to use it.
  • Through our videos and written instructions, we will let you know what steps you need to take to make the template enforceable – like notarizing – and best practices for maintaining your legal document(s). 

Now, you are In The Know!

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