Online Coaching Business contracts: Running Your Money-Machine Without Pants

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And there you have it, you can run your coaching business and be fabulous with no pants! And you can be successful doing it. 

The birth of the entire online business is here. And coming from someone who started practicing law when the internet was like just invented, this is exciting stuff to us.

You have content, you have courses, you have people who want to know your stuffs. Traditional one-on-one Coaching Client Agreements will not do. You need an online coaching business package.

What is the Online Coaching Business Package? It can be anything you want, but it usually consists of these components in some way, shape, or form:

Coaching Terms and Conditions

You’ve probably agreed to them without even reading them – but if you are selling coaching services online through your website, you should have Terms & Conditions (T&C).  Sometimes they are mixed into the website’s Terms of Use (also called Terms of Service); however, having Terms & Conditions on their own creates clarity for your customers, and can make it easier to enforce them on your end if need

Coaching Terms of Use

Your coaching website can be your first impression for a new client.  It can also be a useful tool for your existing clients.  You need clear Terms of Use to create the boundaries of what visitors and users can and cannot do while visiting or using your site, and you need to protect yourself from any liability that might arise if there are problems when these visitors or users interact with your website.  Whether you just use your website as a way to announce yourself to the world, or as one of the many tools you use in your practice -make sure you have a clear terms of use.   

Coaching Privacy Policy

if you have a website, you need a privacy policy.  Even if you only collect visitors’ names and email addresses (when they sign up for your newsletter, for example), then you need to have a privacy policy in place explaining what you do with that information.  Data Privacy is no joke, and it’s only getting more serious.   Remember a few years ago when your inbox got bombarded with emails from what seemed like every website you had ever visited?  That was because the European Union’s data privacy law (the GDPR) went into effect – and even companies in the United States must comply.  While there is no standard data privacy law in the US, individual states are slowly proposing their own – and if you have a website, you will need to comply with each of them.  

The Membership Agreement

As a coach, you want to create something special where everyone (okay, not everyone) can participate to achieve mutually shared goals.  You are providing a valuable online service and offering valuable membership to your members while also sharing your expertise!  Amazing!  A Membership Agreement is positive way to increase your membership by showing the members you care about them and that you want to  create a mutually beneficial and positive relationship with your members.  This Agreement sets the mutually beneficial tone, expectations and guidelines of the membership. And since professional coaching has a wide range of objectives, tools and means of achieving your members’ goals, this Agreement specifies those objectives, tools and means of achieving those goals before your member joins your membership.  Additionally, this Agreement discusses the relationships amongst your members in an online setting, and how to preserve the integrity of the membership. 

Facebook Group

 Facebook has policies, but what are your policies?
b. Manic Mondays?
c. Sell-it Saturday?
d. What’s Happening Wednesday?

Facebook Community Group Guidelines will enable you to describe what your group is about,  help your members understand how to best contribute and engage, and help your members know what is and is not allowed so that they may focus on positive contributions. 

Remember go to what you love, even without pants!

Ready. Set, Coach.

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