Head Turning Statistics for Coaches

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If you are a business coach, thinking about being a business coach, or are expanding your business coaching services, here are five great head-turning statistics about your choice of profession:

  1. Every entrepreneur needs a business coach. Entrepreneurs have special minds that need to be looked at from an objective, experienced business coach. 92% of small business owners agree that mentors have a direct impact on their growth and survival of their business. Data Shows Mentors are Vital to Small Business Success – Kabbage Resource Center | Kabbage Resource Center
  2. 88% of business owners with a business coach find having one to be invaluable. National Mentoring Month for Small Businesses (theupsstore.com)
  3. According to Eric Schmidt, Google and Apple owe much of their trillion-dollar valuations to their business coach. Google execs reveal secrets to success from CEO coach Bill Campbell (cnbc.com)
  4. A lot of things make business owners unique, and one commonality to the risk-taking nature is the fear of failure. 70% of entrepreneurs who receive mentor survive 5 years of longer. National Mentoring Month for Small Businesses (theupsstore.com) .
  5. And with lowered anxiety often comes higher self-confidence. Over 80% of business owners felt more self-confident with a business coach. Benefits of Coaching | Institute of Coaching

Furthermore, if you want to give your clients some head-turning reasons to hire you right now, try these 5:

  1. Nobody will push the entrepreneur outside her comfort zone more or better than a business coach.
  2. While it feels like others may not understand what you are going through, your business coach understand what you are going through.
  3. Someone will be there to call you out on your bullsh#!. No, really, my coach, Jessica Miller, literally says to me “I am calling you out on your bullsh#!”. She coaches by the motto that things outside us do not define our results, we do. Life coach | Brand New You (jessicamillerbny.com)
  4. Your ideas that are in your head will not remain in your read, but will turn into action.
  5. Oh, you will make more money. You will.



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