Educational Series

At In The Know Legal, we are not only mission-driven to provide women business owners personal and professional legal protection, but we also want to empower our business owners with the legal knowledge that will allow them to understand exactly what their legal protection means.  Our In The Know Legal Education Series informs and educates our women business owners about what certain clauses mean, how certain documents can help them, and common client situations that arise and how to use the power of knowledge to navigate through them. We hope you enjoy our Education Series as much as we enjoy creating it.

Annual Business Check Up

Since January is a time for recentering, refocusing, resolutions, January is a perfect time to review the systems in place in your business. Just as your doctor would check your blood pressure, do blood tests to check your cholesterol, and your breathing, we should be doing this for our business.

Myths About Incorporating Your Business

Today’s segment is about choosing your legal business entity, but before I get into the specifics about corporations, sole proprietorships and limited liability companies, I want to clear up a few myths surrounding whether or not you should be an incorporated entity.

Protect Your Business’s Secret Sauce

Intellectual Property is probably the most vital part of your business. You want to protect your Secret Sauce, but it may not be feasible (or always advisable) to keep your Secret Sauce locked away in a vault (think Coca-Cola). So how do you protect your secret sauce?

What Does That Force Majeure Clause Really Do?

Ah, Latin, the dead language that lives on in the law. Other than being fancy-sounding, Force Majeure clauses address unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract. Learn more about what a force majeure means for you.

You Are an LLC, Now What?

Congratulations for legitimizing your business and separating your personal and business assets. But is all you need is a piece of paper to say you are an LLC to protect you? No, in fact you need to “act” like an LLC. How does one even do that? Watch on….

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