At In The Know Legal, we have to-do lists (sometime never ending, but that is a story for another day), and we know you do, too. However, many entrepreneurs have told us that when starting, growing, or expanding their business, they do not always know they are supposed to put on their “to-do” list. And when our entrepreneurs are looking for personal legal protection, the thought of where to start can also be equally overwhelming. So, the In The Know Checklist was born!

We are not only mission-driven to provide women business owners personal and professional legal protection, but we also want to empower business owners with the steps they need to take before and after they seek legal protection. These important steps will enable entrepreneurs to understand exactly what they do (and don’t) need to in order to get the right legal protection and keep benefitting from their legal protections.

Oh, and it’s all FREE.

setting the legal foundation checklish

Legal Foundation For Your Business

This checklist highlights the steps to set a good legal foundation for your business.

Business I.P. Protection Basics

This checklist will guide you through how to protect all of your innovative creations in your business

privacy policy must haves

10 Coaching Agreement Must-Haves

You are a coach, and it is time to create your agreement with your client. You have gotten so much advice

how to protect your lcc

How To Protect Your LLC

You have registered your LLC, but is your LLC protecting you? This checklist will guide you in operating your LLC so you have more than just a fancy piece of paper.

terms and conditions checklist

Terms & Conditions

If you sell goods or services online, clear terms and conditions are a key way to prevent disputes.  Here’s a look at some basic Terms & Conditions to consider.

privacy policy must haves

Privacy Policy Must-Haves

If you have a website, you need a Privacy Policy – here are the basic clauses that should be included.

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