Answering a Customer Question about the Shine Package

by | Apr 25, 2023 | Educational Series

Hi, Lisa Sigman here to answer a question that we received from a customer. They had asked what the shine package can do for their coaching business; why would they want to get the shine package versus an individual template or one of the other packages? Let me talk nickels and dimes first. It is the most bang for your buck. It is our highest level package, so it is the biggest investment you would make if you’re making a purchase through the us. However, because we have bundled it together, we put it together at a discounted rate compared to if you bought each of these templates individually. Also, we throw in some bonus items that you cannot get in the other packages and you cannot get just on their own. Just in terms of investment, it is definitely the most bang for your buck.  Of the three packages, basic packages, that we offer, it is the most complete, so it is a great package both for people who are just starting out in their coaching career or people who have been coaching for a while and are looking to take it to the next level.

The Benefits of the Shine Package

So how does having legal agreements take your practice to the next level? A lot of coaches feel like agreements can almost get in the way of the coaching relationship. Having to talk about money and have people sign legal documents can feel a little uncomfortable. But we’d like you to stop thinking of it in that sort of negative picture and think of it in a positive way. It makes your relationship and the boundaries with your clients clear.

Its Role in Protecting Your Intellectual Property

It makes it clear what you’re offering, what your client can expect to receive, what you expect in terms of payment, in terms of cooperation, in terms of confidentiality, and that goes both ways. It also establishes what you will maintain as confidential for the benefit of your client.

The other two basic packages, Grow and Launch, do not include a mutual NDA, and the Shine package does. So the Shine package, in particular, is really great if you are a coach of coaches because you’re going to be teaching someone how to be a coach.

Now maybe they are going to become a wellness coach, financial coach, or a business coach, but if they’re also going to become a coach of coaches, you don’t want them to be co-opting and taking your intellectual property. So any worksheets that you create, any methods that you use to teach – the mutual NDA, which is included only in the Shine package can help create a protective document. Well, it is a protective document, but it creates a protective situation where your intellectual property as a coach of coaches cannot be co-opted, stolen, or used by another party, and especially not in a competitive manner.

We do have a mutual NDA template individually, and certainly you can buy that, but if you’re getting all of your contracts in a row, you’re going to need the other documents as well.

The Importance of Having All Necessary Agreements in Place

The client service agreement for your one-on-one coaching, group coaching agreement if you have a group setting, the membership agreement if you have a Facebook group where people can join as members. We’ve even included Facebook rules to get you started on your Facebook page and Facebook group rules, and a testimonial release which allows you to collect testimonials from your happy customers and use those in your marketing and promotion on social and wherever else you promote your business.

The Importance of Having Clear Agreements and Boundaries in Coaching Business

Having all of these things in place can prevent disputes, it can dissuade clients from prematurely terminating, or failing to pay – so it helps ensure that your revenue is protected and coming in as it should, and it creates boundaries. I know working with my own business coach, that is a big one. She had to work with me long and hard so that I would learn to set boundaries and maintain them, and have a clear agreement which explains responsibilities and who is expected to do what and when helps with enforcing those boundaries.

Protecting Revenue and Investing in Yourself and Your Coaching Business

At the end of the day these are contracts that we hope everybody signs and never has to look at again because everything goes great, but that is not always the case and having these agreements in place can help resolve disputes when they arise and can potentially prevent disputes before they arise.  All of those things save you time and money.  it’s an investment in yourself it’s an investment in your business it’s an investment in your client that will always translate into more it will translate into more Revenue.

It will translate into more time, it will translate into more respect of you by your clients and as a business owner and it will translate into being seen as more valued, more serious and more invested in your business in what you do and that is always going to give you a return.

So for all of those reasons we recommend having an agreement even if it’s not the Shine package, but the Shine package is the Cadillac.  It’s going to cover everything you would need as a coach and you’ll be able to get your business up and running, or really humming if it’s already going.

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