Meet The Team

Who Are We?

We are Lisa and Tania.  We met as members of a women-owned/mom-owned business Facebook Group, and Lisa, also a business attorney, messaged Tania commenting on her funny business legal posts. Since then, staying true to our philosophy of collaboration and not competition, we have worked together on numerous clients’ cases and have deemed ourselves “Twins.”  Don’t you think the resemblance is uncanny?

Between the two of us, we have over 35  years (and counting!) of experience as lawyers representing new and growing businesses. We are attorneys, but we are, at our cores, entrepreneurs.  We understand the dedication and hard work it takes to keep our businesses running and successful.  We also understand how exciting and motivating it is to be in control of  your own business and life.  And yes, we are also real women… with real lives, obligations, and imperfections that make us who we are. We have multiple pets (one of which is toothless), children (all with teeth), and businesses (5 between us). One thing that we share in common is that we believe in the power of #womenowned and we are honored to be a part of the growth and success of your business.

Our Mission

At In The Know Legal, we are mission-driven to provide women business owners with professional legal protection. Women own 30% of US businesses and generate $1.5 trillion in revenue. And yet, despite the years of hard work it takes to reach success, many female entrepreneurs have “half-asset” legal protection, where they remain exposed in due to insufficient legal protection for their businesses.

Why don’t these women business owners have contracts, considering how awesome these legal documents are?

Wait, you don’t find them awesome? We are not surprised.

As business attorneys, we have represented hundreds of women entrepreneurs. One thing that many of our clients have in common is that they hate business contracts. It’s okay, we are not offended (you don’t have to love what we love). 

But why? This is something we’ve thought about a lot at In The Know Legal. And while we think that it’s partly because contracts contain unfamiliar and sterile legal language, we also think that a big part of the reason contracts are so hated – especially for women entrepreneurs – is the perception that contracts put you in an adversarial and antagonistic position with someone you really want to do business with becoming a stumbling block to getting the good stuff done.

This could not be further from the truth. A thoughtfully drafted contract (which does not mean complex) allows you the opportunity to demonstrate your integrity, strength of purpose, clear boundaries, and that you care about the relationship with your clients.

In The Know Legal is  out to change all the stigma around contracts by empowering female business owners to create, grow and expand their businesses with powerful and customizable legal templates and contracts, available on-line and on-demand. 

At In The Know Legal, we bring the strength of our legal and life experiences directly to you.

We don’t believe in #halfassetprotection, and neither should you.

In Law and Knowledge,

Lisa and Tania

Meet Lisa

Co-founder Lisa is a single mom of two beautiful children and two big dogs (over 150 combined pounds of fur and wagging tails!), and is a proud member of Gen X.  Lisa takes pride in her independence – and her ability to provide for her children.  Lisa started her own law firm right after she was sworn into practice – a crazy and exhilarating decision that allowed her to  hone in on the type of clients and work she wanted.  Now, in her current law practice and with kindred spirit, Tania, at In The Know Legal, Lisa’s goal is to help women starting and growing their businesses build a solid legal foundation, so they can feel empowered to focus on their strengths and passions, while building the life they want – and become financially independent. 

Meet Tania

Co-founder Tania is a serial entrepreneur and proud mom to her little rescue dog, Toothless Johnny (the Chief Dog Officer of all her endeavors), Tania takes pride in paving her way in the legal world. In addition to being a Co-founder at ITKL, Tania owns LawTutors, LLC (an all-women led education company to help law and bar students), Shah Law, PLLC (a business law firm focusing on mom-owned and women-owned businesses) and is a full-time law professor in California.  Tania was named a Top 100 Attorney of 2020 and has her 5th legal book was published in May of 2021 through her publisher, Wolters Kluwer. Tania is excited to be part of In The Know Legal alongside Lisa, who, in addition to being super smart and innovative, keeps her laughing!

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