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Don’t settle for half-asset protection.

Our Process

You are ready to protect your business and your personal assets with the right legal documents. Believe it or not, making the decision to take control of the legal side of your business and life was the hardest part of the process, because In The Know Legal makes taking action as easy as one, two, three.


Our website is designed to guide you to the right curated packages and tailored legal templates, so you can confidently select what you need for your business and personal needs.


Our educational videos and instruction sheets empower you with an understanding of what your templates say, and provide clear step-by-step instructions to ensure fool-proof customization.


Once your legal templates are completed, we make sure that you know what the next steps are to effectively put your customized legal template(s) into action, and then you are officially In The Know.

Business Legal

Total protection packages for every stage of your business

Now is the time. You have set up a business and you offer a valuable service. You are taking care of your clients, but who is taking care of you and your business?  Our packages are curated with just the right business contract templates to fit any stage of your business, whether you just launched or are taking it to the next level.


This package is perfect for the coach who is just starting her business.


This package is perfect for the coach who wants to grow her coaching business.


This package is perfect for the coach who wants to take her booming coaching business to the next level of success.


This package is perfect for the coach looking to give her business a boost.

Personal Legal

Total protection packages for every stage of your life

It doesn’t have to be complicated to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets in the event of an emergency. Our curated packages contain all of the documents you need, whether you are planning independently or with a partner, and whether you want to plan for your lifetime or after your death.

Lifetime Legal Protection

This package is perfect for anyone over 18 who wants lifetime protection and is not ready to write a will.

Empowered Independent

This package is perfect for a single person who wants to choose trusted agents to make lifetime decisions in an emergency and write a Will to distribute her assets after her death.


Single Parent CEO

This package is perfect for a single parent who wants to choose trusted agents to make lifetime decisions in an emergency and write a Will to protect her children after her death.


Triple Threat

This package is perfect for a married couple who want to choose trusted agents to make lifetime decisions in an emergency and write Wills to protect their children after their death.


Our Mission

At In The Know Legal, we believe in the power of #womenowned and everything we do starts from that core value. Our mission is to support women entrepreneurs with customizable legal templates and contracts, available on-line and on-demand. Our templates and curated template packages have been thoughtfully created by attorneys to take the guesswork out of business legal…so you can launch and grow your business confidently. And we’ve included personal legal protection to ensure you and your loved ones are covered no matter what happens.

We don’t believe in #halfassetprotection, and neither should you.


Sarah Michelle
CEO & Founder, HoneyMAP

I am so thankful for a resource like In the Know Legal. As a single business owner, I am consistently balancing the need to do things well, with the need to save my resources. ITKL makes legal contracts accessible, affordable, and easy to understand. These templates have everything I need to feel like my business assets are protected, but they also go above and beyond with giving me the education I need to understand what exactly it is that I’m protecting, and what I need to be thinking about from a legal aspect. I love that I can protect my business with one easy resource, while supporting other women owned businesses. I would recommend ITKL to any woman who is serious about protecting the amazing life and business she has worked so hard to create.

Joselyn Martinez,
CEO, Balanced Financial

It was with great pleasure that I was able to work with In The Know Legal. I needed an important document for my business and used a template that was perfect for what I needed. The process was incredibly easy to use and I felt confident with the finished document for my business. I will definitely use In The Know Legal for my future legal business needs.

Jessica Miller
CEO/Owner, Jessica Miller Coaching

I think that the ITKL platform is one of the easiest platforms to navigate, the templates easy to follow and customize, and there are a ton of resources to give you context and support if you need it. It has made getting what I need to cover myself legally as a coach so easy, in two clicks you’re able to get what you need and customize it so it’s ready to use for your business and you’re covered. I’m so happy to have found your company, and I recommend you to all my clients and will use you for future legal template needs in the future! Thank you!

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